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Using web camera in SourceBinder

This tutorial guides you through the basics of using web camera in SourceBinder.


1. Put the WebCamera node in place

  1. Double click on an empty area
  2. Select the Displayobject on the right
  3. Scroll down to choose the WebCamera node

2. Connects the WebCamera node with the output node

Last step, you should allow Sourcebinder to use your web camera.


and voila, that's it. You should see the image of your web camera at the top left.


Make a trick

Let's make it more sophisticated, I'd rotate it a bit.

First of all, delete the connections we have. You can delete a connection by selecting it and pressing backspace. To select one, click on an empty area and start to drag, when you selected an item, it's border should be red.

3. First, we need a container that holds the web camera image. SpriteContainer node is good for me. This container will be transformed and not the WebCamera node itself.

4. We need a node which tells this SpriteContainer node what degree we want to rotate it. One of my favourite is the LFO node, it produces a nice sinus wave for us.

5. Connect these. Connect WebCamera node to SpriteContainer node as an input, then, connect LFO node to SpriteContainer node, simply drag the connection to the node itself and then select rotationZ.


Magic starts to happen, our web camera image starts to rotating.

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