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OSC and SourceBinder

The process to enable OSC communication between sourcebinder and the OSC client is basically the same that needs to be done to use OSC with flash these process is described below 1. and 2. after you have completed these steps open the osc_basic composition in sourcebinder to start with

  • Running flosc to enable osc packet forwarding to flash
    • download flosc gateway from
    • run the gateway as follows after download put the files anywhere you like be sure you have a java runtime environment version 1 1 or later installed run the server like this java gateway oscport 3000 where oscport is the port where flosc will receive osc packets this port is probably set on your osc client application and where 3000 is the port to which flash will connect default port number you can choose 3333 for example for the oscport don't forget to set the chosen oscport and the ip address of your server in the osc application preferences
  • enable socket connection with flash in order to let online flash

applications communicate with your localhost there must be a policy file available to enable socket connections flash looks for the policy file at 843 port number of the the host which in our case is localhost this problem can easily be solved with a small script made available by adobe 1 download and unzip the script from adobe 2 make sure the content of the flashpolicy xml that comes with the zip above is something like this xml version 1 0 doctype cross-domain-policy system xml dtds cross-domain-policy dtd 3 then in another shell run the standalone script from the flashpolicyd_v0 6 standalone folder sudo flashpolicyd py --file flashpolicy xml --port 843

  • osc in sourcebinder open the composition oscbasic in sourcebinder if everything is set up correctly and flash receives osc messages these messages should appear in the console of sourcebinder this looks for exampe like this using iphone and mrmr mrmrs acceleration control mrmr accelerometerx 15 iphone 256 these messages identify the controls in your osc client application just copy these strings without the numbericvalue and the last slash mrmr 15 iphone to a paramnamex attribute of the osccontrol node in sourcebinder and you should be ready to use thatvalue as an input in your composition don\'t forget to set the trace osc messages attribute in your osccontrol node to false because it can slow down your composition due to the big string traffic
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