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Get the latest tweets from the public timeline - SourceBinder Wiki

Get the latest tweets from the public timeline

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This tutorial shows you how to get the latest tweets from the public timeline in SourceBinder.

1. You need the Twitter API node to do this


2. After you put this node into the canvas, you need to set up several things. Currently, you don't need image, hence, turn off the imageLoading checkbox. Clear the searchQuery textbox as well, if there is no keyword defined it gets the latest tweets from the public timeline.


3. Let's connect the Twitter API node with the TextField node 4. Set the X and Y parameters of the TextField node to put it to the desired position.

If everything works tweets should appear on the screen.

5. Let's display the usernames as well. Create a new TextField node and if this is ready, hold down the Alt key and click on the Twitter API node. All of its output should appear including:

  • txt
  • screenName
  • trigger
  • image

Select the screenName and connect it to the new TextField node

6. One more thing, connect the new TextField node to the Output node as well.


You can find this composition here

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