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Exporting a composition to SWF and FLA - SourceBinder Wiki

Exporting a composition to SWF and FLA

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This tutorial shows you how to export your composition into a SWF.

Let's say, you've created a composition that shows a little gallery.

Here you can find this composition



When you're ready with the composition, select the File/Export Composition


then you have to give a valid class name which basically means that you can't use space and other funky characters like $ or # signs. English characters are OK.

In this case, you'd use like Gallery


Let's click on the Export button.

After that, you get a download button, click on it to download the ZIP file, which has the same name as you gave as class name.



In the ZIP you have three kinds of files

  • resources such as images, videos, music that the composition uses
  • index.html and bin.swf which are basically the composition
  • "class name".fla, you can use this file in other flash projects


You can embed the SWF and HTML into blogs or websites. There is only one notice, if you use resources like images, etc. you have to embed/copy them as well.

In this case, you have to copy the images as well.

Important notes

  • Currently, you can't export compositions that uses remote data sources, like Twitter API or GetImageFromURL
  • If you use shader nodes you need to set the resulting swf trusted in order to work on a local machine (online it will work properly)
  • You need Flash 10 or better to run the SWF
  • You need Flash CS4 to open the FLA
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